DPNC Green Initiative

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DPNC Planted Trees in Honour of the 40 CRPF Martyrs at Pulwama

In honour of the 40 CRPF Martyrs at Pulwama, the Firm has planted a garden of 40 trees at the periphery of Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan. Read More →

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Taxability of Hand Sanitizers Under GST

Hand Sanitizers to be classified as ‘disinfectants’ under GST and shall attract 18 percent GST. For more details, Please refer the attached document:- Taxability of Hand Sanitizers under GST Disclaimer:- This document has been prepared in summary form by Dewan P.... Read More →

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New Functionalities like Turant Customs and Other Initiatives for Contactless Customs enabled w.e.f. July 06, 2020

In order to achieve the moto of “Ease of doing business” amidst this pandemic period of COVID-19, Government of India has introduced the facility of “Turant Customs”. Various notifications and circulars are being issued every now and then to give... Read More →

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GST On Merchant Trade Transactions

Merchant trade transaction is one which involves shipment of goods from one foreign country to another foreign country, where the goods do not enter Indian Territory. Recently a ruling in case of “M/s Sterlite Technologies Limited” (GUJ/GAAR/R/04/2020) held that supply... Read More →

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