Remission of Duties & Taxes on Export Products Scheme (RoDTEP)

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Remission of Duties & Taxes on Export Products Scheme (RoDTEP)


RoDTEP (Remission of Duties & Taxes on Export Product) Scheme was  announced by Government of India in September 2019, this scheme is a  combination of two existing schemes of GOI namely, MEIS (Merchandise Export  from India Scheme) & RoSCTL (Rebate of State & Central Taxes and Levies  Scheme) which are to be merged in one single scheme namely RoDTEP to ensure  the compatibility with WTO (World Trade Organization) trade norms. 


The scheme was announced by GOI on 14th September 2019, initially it was to  be notified from April 2020. However, GOI had decided to continue to allow the  benefit under MEIS & RoSCTL, until 31.12.2020. Hence, the benefit of the  scheme to all export products has been extended with effect from 1st January,  2021. 


Scheme covers all the sectors including textile. This scheme provides rebate of  duties & taxes which were not imparted earlier such as local taxes, coal cess,  mandi tax, electricity duties and fuel used for transportation. 

However, the scheme provides for rebate only on export of goods, rebate on  services will be covered under existing scheme of SEIS (Service Export from India  Scheme).  


  1. RoDTEP provides for reimbursement of duties & taxes (such as VAT and  central excise on fuel, mandi tax, etc) which are levied at central, state  and local level and are not refunded under any current mechanism or  scheme.
  2. Previous schemes namely MEIS and RoSCTL, were deemed inconsistent  with WTO trade norms. Hence, RoDTEP scheme has been introduced to  accommodate earlier schemes and are framed as such to provide  compatibility with the trade norms.  
  3. To promote digital India initiative, credit will be provided to exporters  through transferable electronic scripts/duty credits which will be  maintained in exporters electronic credit ledger on the ICEGATE portal. This credit can be used to pay the basic custom duty in future, otherwise  it can be transferred to other exporters. 
  4. Scheme covers all the sectors including textile. Further, a dedicated  committee has been established to formulate a plan for introduction of  the scheme among various sectors and also to notify rates of benefit  under the scheme. 
  5. Rates of benefit would be at product level based on ITC-HS codes. Rates would be standard rates applicable across particular sector/product lines.  Standard rates would be determined as percentage of free on board (FOB)  value of the eligible export products. 
  6. To avail the benefit under the scheme an exporter will be required to  declare his intention for each export items in the shipping bill or bill of  export. 
  7. A monitoring and audit mechanism, with an information technology based risk management system would be put in to physically verify the  records of the exporters. This will enable faster clearance through digital  platform. 

How to claim Benefit 

  1. First thing exporter need to do is to declare his intention of availing the  benefit of the scheme on the shipping bill or bill of export. 
  2. Once EGM (Export General Manifest) is filled claim will be processed  by the customs. 
  3. Once processed a scroll with all individual Shipping Bills for admissible  amount would be generated and made available in the users account  at ICEGATE. 
  4. User can create RoDTEP credit ledger account under Credit Ledger tab.  This can be done by IECs who have registered on ICEGATE with a DSC. 
  5. Exporter can log in into his account and generate scrip after selecting  the relevant shipping bills. 
  6. Details of scrips utilized for payment of basic custom duty would be  captured in the license table of bill of entries. 


In the present scenario of Covid-19, where the merchandise exports are  declining and industries are already facing uncertainties and slowdown, export oriented industries are to be supported by the government for them to survive.  Present RoDTEP scheme provides only such incentive to Indian exporters for  them to face the competition in the international market. The effective and  efficient introduction of RoDTEP scheme will be very beneficial in improving the  current export industry sentiments which were down otherwise. 


The information contained herein is based on the press release issued by  Government of India dated 31.12.2020. While the information is believed to be  accurate to the best of our knowledge, we do not make any representations or  warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. Readers should conduct and rely upon their own examination and  analysis and are advised to seek their own professional advice. This note is not  an offer, invitation, advice or solicitation of any kind. We accept no  responsibility for any errors it may contain, whether caused by negligence or  otherwise or for any loss, howsoever caused or sustained, by the person who  relies upon it.