Goods & Services Tax (GST) &

Other Indirect Taxes (IDT)

As GST Tax Consultants in Delhi NCR and India, our Indirect Tax Service relates to Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other Indirect Taxes (IDT).  Our services are tailored to assist companies in meeting their indirect tax challenges.

Our GST services include analysis of the client’s business and to advise and assist them regarding their GST planning & compliances.

Here is a glimpse of our GST Law, Customs Duty law and other laws related services in Delhi NCR and India.

GST Law (Indirect Tax Law) related Services:

  • Compliance, advisory, audits, review, representation, and litigation services.
  • Registration: Different types of registration under GST law such as normal (regular) taxpayer, Input Services Distributor, E-Commerce Operator (TCS), TDS, etc.
  • GST Audits and Certification: Conducting GST audits and Certifications thereafter.
    Advice &Consultancy: Advisory and Consultancy services to Domestic, International Corporates and other non-resident taxpayers on monthly/quarterly/annual retainer ships.
  • ReturnFilingandReview: Assistance & support in filing and advice & review of regular returns (Monthly/Quarterly/Annual under GST law).
  • Compliances: Assistance, advice, and support in other compliances such as transitional forms, stock forms, cancellation return, surrender application, etc.
  • Refunds: Preparation, Filing, and Review of GST refund applications with supporting annexures and related representation before the GST Department thereafter for refund application processing.
  • Reviews: GST reviews/diagnostics/health checks due diligence.
  • E-way bill: Advisory on E-way bill related rules & procedures and assistances in related compliance.
  • Certification: GSTCertification from Chartered Accountant on Input Tax Credit Availment, Refund application, etc.
  • Legal Opinion: Written Legal Opinion on contemporary issues under GST law incorporating depth analysis of provisions, judicial precedents, cross-references to other relevant laws, etc.
  • Business Restructuring: GST Consultancy on business reorganizations such as acquisition, merger, demerger, slump sale, amalgamation, etc.
  • Cross Border Transactions: GST Advisory and support in Cross Border transactions.
  • Valuation: Transaction Valuation under GST law and related certifications thereafter.
  • Anti-Profiteering: Advice and representation relating to Anti Profiteeringenquiries and verifications.
  • GST Trainings: Tailor-made client & industry-specific training to employees, suppliers, and associations.
  • Departmental Audits: Assistance and support in audits undertaken by the department.
  • GST Advance Ruling: Preparation and filing of applications along with supporting with authority for advance ruling including representation thereafter.
  • Search and Seizure: Legal support in search, seizure, and inspection matters.
  • Investigations: Legal support in investigations and inquiries undertaken by Anti-Evasion and other authorities.
  • Litigations: Filing and Representation before various Tax Authorities in assessments, appeals, and against show-cause notices, up to CESTAT/GSTAT level.
  • GST Litigation Support: Litigation support before High Courts and Supreme Court.
  • Customs Duty Law: Compliances, Advisory, and Representations.
  • Impact of Covid-19 on Input Tax Credit availability, GST refund, and Compliance management.

Foreign Trade Laws and Incentives scheme related services:

  • Advisory services on Foreign Trade Laws and EXIM rules & regulations.
  • Advisory and compliances for incentives and benefits related to the establishment of SEZ / EOU / Export units and Deemed Exports, etc.
  • Advisory and representation services on Foreign Trade Policy before Directorate General of Foreign Trade including availing of incentives and benefits under Foreign Trade Policy.

GST Departmental Audit Support:

Supporting/handholding in the GST audit conducted by department to enable compliance in a timely and comprehensive manner.