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Dewan P.N. Chopra & Co. appreciates the skills needed for transfer pricing in India in the context of both cross-border transactions and domestic transactions between associated enterprises.

Transfer Pricing in India applies to some of the following international transactions:

  • Raw material purchase
  • Purchase of immovable assets
  • Machinery sale or purchase
  • Selling off finished goods
  • IT Enabled services
  • Software Development services
  • Technical Service fees
  • Royalty fee
  • Loan received or paid
  • Any form of Reimbursement paid or received

Transfer Pricing professionals at Dewan P.N. Chopra & Co. provide comprehensive and tailor-made solutions based upon the exact nature and the extent of the international transactions and domestic related party transactions undertaken by a Company. We have a specialized and committed Transfer Pricing team that offers end to end Transfer Pricing Services to various domestic & international clients including listed companies across diverse sectors.

Transfer Pricing is a complex tax issue for businesses running international operations. There are several litigations concerning transfer pricing in India. Therefore, leveraging our transfer pricing services can save a lot of time and energy for the senior management, which they can effectively utilize for handling business operations.

Our Transfer Pricing Services Include:

Transfer Pricing Documentation & Compliance Services (Filing of TP Report in Form 3CEB and preparation of TP Study Reports).

  • Transfer Pricing Services with respect to Benchmarking are carried out with a wide range of comparable company databases to find and identify the similar comparables for international transactions.
  • Transfer Pricing Assessment and representation before Transfer Pricing Officers (TPOs)
  • Transfer Pricing Appeals, Litigation and Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as DRP
  • Transfer Pricing related routine advisory
  • Transfer Pricing Planning
  • Due Diligence and diagnostic reviews related to transfer pricing in India
  • Transfer Pricing related structuring of transactions and Value Chain Transformation (VCTs)
  • Country by Country Report (CbCR) and Master File in accordance with Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan
  • Preparation of Profit Attribution Studies for Permanent Establishments (PEs)
  • Assistance in setting up a governance framework for determining arm’s length pricing, related party contracts consistent with Section 188 of the Companies Act 2013/Clause 49 of the SEBI listing guidelines

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