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M&A Transactions and Reconstruction Services

In today’s globally connected economy, business acquisition, company acquisition and reconstruction are essential activities for businesses aiming for rapid growth. However, every M&A transaction is accompanied by a tax obligation which must be carefully assessed to ensure potential profitability, compliance and legality. Our team of tax and regulatory experts at Dewan P.N. Chopra & Co. provides M&A transaction advisory services including services relating to Merger, Demerger, Slump sale and hive off of businesses/ undertakings for holistic and effective solutions for successfully managing the tax aspects of your transaction.

Comprehensive Knowledge and Expertise

Our expertise in domestic laws, international laws and regulations allows us to formulate innovative tax strategies for various types of M&A transactions such as company acquisitions and reconstructions. We follow a client-centric approach to ensure every client receives the right combination of industry and region specific advice on their transactions.

End-To-End Solutions

From pre-sale due diligence to post-transaction regulatory and compliance services, we provide end-to-end solutions to help companies address tax and regulatory requirements in matters of M&A Transactions. We assist companies evaluate reconstruction options while helping them build a framework for future tax and asset management efficiencies. When transactions involve companies with global footprints, our cross-border expertise allows us to provide advice that successfully navigates the intricate web of tax, compliance and regulatory issues to help manage risks and enhance potential profitability.

Our tax and regulatory teams’ expertise in M&A tax and advisory services enables them to deliver on your requirements. This, combined with our vast experience, means that you will receive the best advice and practical support to meet your desired commercial objectives.

Our M&A Transaction Advisory Services Include:

  • M&A advisory including for joint ventures
  • M&A Tax Advisory, including designing efficient tax structure, in compliance with the statutory regulations and tax planning
  • M&A Consulting for transaction structuring and management (including corporate re-organisation and financial structuring advisory)
  • M&A Transaction implementation assistance (including post-implementation assistance)
  • M&A Tax due diligence
  • M&A Advisory services including for business re-organizations, tax restructuring, financial restructuring, divestment, spin-offs and cash repatriation planning
  • M&A Consulting, including Business valuations & financial modeling
  • M&A Transaction advisory including planning for achieving mergers, demergers, acquisitions, slump sale, corporate re-organisations.
  • Family Arrangements
  • M&A Advisory services relating to Tax and Regulatory advisory around Inbound and Outbound investment
  • Services in context of business/entity exits.

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