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Our Risk Advisory Services team works with clients proactively to help them identify and mitigate business and functional risks, optimize costs, build efficiencies in processes by strengthening internal controls and systems. We have a large team of qualified professionals with diverse knowledge and industry experience working with leading companies, both listed and unlisted, having a domestic and multi-national presence. As Risk Advisory Consultants, we have the requisite ability to efficiently execute engagements and deliver quality and value to our clients.

Our risk advisory services includes
  • Internal Audit Services
    Our Internal Audit Consulting team performs internal audits to provide an independent and objective review on the functioning of an organization’s systems, processes, and controls to management. We identify risks in each business function, perform process walkthroughs, documentation review, data analytics, identifying areas of risk due to gaps in the process and scope of improvement in operations. Basis this, we suggest practical recommendations to management to introduce relevant controls, improve operational efficiency, and minimize risk.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Development
    As part of our Risk Advisory Services, we assess, develop and document Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Policies for organizational functions based on the facts of the client, their risk profile, and management objectives. Our SOPs introduce best business practices based on our diverse exposure and knowledge pool created over decades of professional practice.
  • Internal Financial Controls (IFC) Compliance
    We help our clients in complying with IFC requirements for financial reporting as per applicable guidelines of Companies Act 2013. We perform design and testing of IFC Framework which includes documenting Risk & Control matrices, testing, and validating controls from a design and effectiveness perspective to safeguard the interest of various stakeholders.
  • Cost Optimization
    We evaluate critical processes as identified by the management of the Company and assist the clients in eliminating activities that don’t create value, enhance process optimization, and identify areas and tools for saving cost.
  • Cyber Security Audit
    We have a specialized team that advises clients in minimizing the cybersecurity risk in today’s technology-driven eco-system. We evaluate IT policies, access rights, security vulnerabilities of the network, server, workstations, etc. to enhance an organization’s response to the increased risk of cyber-attacks.
  • Risk Assessments
    We engage with clients to carry out a risk assessment of the critical process, preparation of process risk registers, categorization of risks, drafting and deployment of detailed risk mitigation plan. Such Risk Advisory Services enable us to support the client in long term monitoring of operating effectiveness of risk mitigation plans.
  • Process and Operational Audits
    We carry out special reviews as directed by the management of the client to appraise the effectiveness, efficiency, and sufficiency of systems and controls of a specific process or division of the Company. Accordingly, based on observations, the risk is assessed, gaps are identified and suggestions are discussed with management to minimize these risks.
  • Diagnostics review
    Our team of Risk Advisory Consultants help our clients in identifying the root cause of key challenges faced by the business as identified by the management and identify key management initiatives required to address these challenges and enable optimism growth. We conduct interviews with key personnel, review documentation, perform process walkthroughs to identify the gaps in strategy, systems, team, etc., perform root cause analysis and accordingly share recommendations for improvement, with management.
  • Store/ Outlet Audits
    We provide support to our clients in assessing the performance and health of a store/outlet by conducting store/outlet audits based on the parameters agreed with the management. This includes surprise physical verification, store controls review, mystery audits, physical stock count, store performance review, etc.

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