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We don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future but we do offer state-of-the-art financial projection services using in-depth expertise of our financial analysts. The results are customized, financial forecasts you can use to plan for your future business activities or win over investors, partners and other stakeholders.

Plan for the Future

We understand that predicting outcomes of business activities and planning for the future are of great significance for business entities to effectively manage operations and grow. Financial projections help businesses get a fair view of how successful their operations can be. Using financial forecasts, business entities can prepare capital and operating budgets, mull alternate management strategies and protect themselves from rude shocks. Dewan P.N. Chopra & Co. combines expertise and experience to devise financial forecasts that help clients prepare for what is to come.

Industry Best Practices

Our financial projections are not based on guesswork. We have a holistic approach for this service and take into account various factors such as historic data, internal data, current market trends, and updates so that you have financial projection reports you can depend on. Our well-qualified financial analysts use the latest data analysis tools to provide accurate information to help you effectively manage business plans and spending. We take pride in providing customized reports that are expertly researched and well written.

Diverse Range of Solutions

From incisive reports to detailed financial models, we offer different solutions depending on your needs. We can also offer ratio and trend analysis with easy-to-understand graphs and charts. We provide different types of financial projections including income forecasts, revenue forecasts, cash flow projections, and balance sheet projections. We can create short-term projections or medium-term projections for clients belonging to any industry while maintaining high-quality standards we are renowned for.

Our work begins with understanding your unique short-term and long-term needs. We research your financial situation before providing precise projections and recommendations. As with all our services, the customer is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in the fact that clients trust us for accurate prospective financial data they can share with investors and creditors. Contact us to learn more about this service!


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