Business Valuation Services

Almost every business entity is faced with the need for objective and well-made valuations of assets to support business operations or meet regulatory requirements. But the valuation of an asset is not a straight forward process, especially with increasing complexities in the business and regulatory environment. Dewan P.N. Chopra & Co. has the expertise and tools to deliver high-quality valuation services for all kinds of business purposes.

Top Class Expertise

Premium valuation services depend on high-level expertise, in-depth industry knowledge, and rigorous analysis of various complex value drivers along with adopting industry best methodologies. We have in place robust valuation procedures that align with globally recognized standards. Our endeavor is to provide comprehensive and objective valuation services to meet specific client needs and purposes including taxation, transaction, litigation, regulatory compliance, financing, and strategic management.

Valuation Services for Transactions

Our valuation services for transaction purposes are second to none. Whether your transaction is in the nature of an acquisition, disinvestment, merger, or demerger, we provide high standard valuations in a timely manner to help you make the best business decisions. We understand the results of our work can have a direct impact on critical aspects of decision making and we strive hard to provide valuable opinions based on a tried and tested approach.

Vast Talent Pool

We bring together a cross-disciplinary team of professionals with expertise in different domains such as taxation, accounting, and financial due diligence to present holistic advice and assistance for a multitude of purposes. If required, valuation services can be provided alongside other services such as tax and regulatory or forensic to deliver holistic results. Our valuation services cover a multitude of areas such as business valuations, intangible, or tangible asset valuations and dispute resolution among others.

Holistic Valuation Projections

We bring to the table an unbeatable combination of cutting edge analysis, experience, and professional opinion. We have the cross-border reach, domestic expertise and industry-specific experience to deliver world-class valuation services you can rely on. At every stage, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and a 360-degree view of your valuation assignment. No matter how simple or complex your needs are, we can help you quantify and realize the value of your assets.

We look forward to fulfilling your valuation requirements!