Environment Conservation and Preservation

Our planet is facing an unprecedented degree of threat from environmental pressures like climate change, deforestation, global warming, overfishing, illegal wildlife trade, emission of pollutants and hazardous particles in air and water etc. Now, more than ever, all businesses must recognize that safeguarding our natural resources & taking affirmative action to protect the planet are critical to long-term business continuity and global economic growth.

Dewan P. N. Chopra & Co. has always been a firm believer that any successful business is dependent on a healthy environment and is committed to making Green Initiatives a core part of its business plans. Over the years, these initiatives include Environment Conservation and Preservation Campaigns. The Firm has taken several important steps to ensure that it meets its environmental responsibilities.

  • Green Rewards & Recognition Program:
    Since 2016, a unique aspect of our Firm’s celebrations has been it’s contribution to a social enterprise that plants trees to commemorate special occasions & reward exceptional performances by an individual / team. As a result, hundreds of trees have been planted across India to celebrate professional achievements & milestones at the Firm.
  • Promote tree plantation and green surrounding at our offices;
  • Creating an eco-friendly environment at our offices;

    1. Committed to reduce carbon footprint by monitoring electricity use and switching to clean energy options where available
    2. Move towards paperless office
    3. Reduce ‘the use of single use plastic’ to the maximum extent possible
    4. Conserve natural resources by their responsible and efficient use in all our operations
  • Encouraging team to reduce their carbon footprints particularly via use of public transport/carpool for commuting to office and for official visits.
  • Spreading knowledge & awareness.
  • Encouraging our people to take the pledge to become “Environment / Green Champions”


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We are pleased of how far we have come through our contribution and we know we can do a lot more with everyone’s support. Join us in making the world a better place to live in.