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Importance of Cyber Security in Current Times

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about major changes in work culture. It is not just the business pressure caused by the uncertainty, at a fundamental level it has transformed the way we work. The change in the concept from office … Continue reading

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Operational Risk Management in Manufacturing sector

During manufacturing of any item, manufacturers tend to face various technical, cultural, moral, and ethical risks. Risk Advisory Services tends to identify the risk areas by spotting out process lacunas, and mismanaged process. It is there by ensured that sufficient … Continue reading

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Future of Internal Audit

Changing times are bringing change in the manners internal audit can contribute to the organizations. The digital world is moving with fast pace, it will change the way Internal audit service is provided to the clients and it has given … Continue reading

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Auditing Big Data

The difference between data and information is usually understood. Data is raw, and requires processing. Data can be simple but random and needs organization. When the data is processed, organized, analyzed and converted into information, then it is ready to … Continue reading

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Risk Management for ‘Black Swan’ Events and Business Continuity Plan

Why the term Black Swan is used so often in risk management because the risk managers feel the need to separately call out extreme impact events, regardless of probability and they pose an existential threat to a firm. Black Swan Definition  … Continue reading

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