RBI Restricts Round Tripping Through Overseas Direct Investment

Resident individuals in India who are doing investments under LRS and Indian companies who are planning to invest into foreign companies and Joint ventures outside India should review such transactions as per the above RBI regulations. For details, please refer... Read More →

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Delhi High Court Allowing Petitioner to Carry Forward Transitional Credit Despite Retrospective Amendment.

Delhi High Court in the case of “SKH Sheet Metals Components” (W.P. (C) 13151/2019) has allowed the petitioner to carry forward Transitional Credits by 30th June, 2020 despite retrospective Amendment in Section 140 of the CGST Act. For details, please... Read More →

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Role of Internal Audit in Business Resilience during COVID-19

There is no doubt that businesses are hugely hit by the impact of covid-19. Risk Management and recommending controls over high risk areas is the expertise of internal audit teams. In here there are various ways through which internal audit... Read More →

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Business Continuity And Managing Risk In COVID-19 Era

Business enterprises have faced huge impact due to Covid 19 such and consequent lockdown exposing the business to risk of continuity. So hereunder we have enumerated certain ways and practices, if adopted by the entity then it will be lot... Read More →

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Going Concern – Key Considerations For Auditors Amid COVID-19

The Board of Directors of every company are required to make a statement in the Directors’ Responsibility Statement referred to in Section 134(5) of the Companies Act, 2013 that the annual accounts are prepared on a going concern basis i.e.... Read More →

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